Map. History of UK conflict

18 February 2018
3 week ago
UK spells out Brexit transition demands as pressure mounts on PM May
3 week ago
David Davis reveals Cabinet 'arguments' on Brexit in speech on transition deal hopes
3 week ago
EU and UK negotiators eye accelerated Brexit transition talks
3 week ago
NHS England says it will lift the suspension of elective surgery imposed to help cope with winter pressure next month
3 week ago
Russia: The statements of the British Defense Minister are foolish
3 week ago
London court to hear application from Julian Assange to drop arrest warrant stemming from his breach of bail conditions. Asked if Assange could walk free should the appeal be successful, prosecution service says 'hypothetically yes'
3 week ago
UK defence minister says Russia looking to cause thousands of deaths in Britain
3 week ago
May's MPs considering coup if local elections go badly - Guardian
US President Donald Trump apologises for the first time for retweeting a British far-right group's videos apparently showing Islamist violence: ITV interview
3 week ago
A Government source suggests a visit to the UK by U.S. President Donald Trump would be a "working" trip rather than a state visit
Readout just issued by @WhiteHouse of @[email protected] may meeting.
The British government says US President Donald Trump will visit the UK this year
3 week ago
Downing Street says Theresa May and Donald Trump have asked officials to work on "finalising the details of a visit by the President to the UK later this year"
3 week ago
Downing Street confirms Donald Trump will finally visit the UK "later this year". Number 10 and White House officials "finalising the details".
When asked about UK state visit, @theresa may said it's being discussed and @POTUS agreed
A "false rumor" they don't "like each other a lot," @POTUS said alongside @theresa may at WEF18 in Davos
PM May reaffirmed the "really special relationship" between the US and UK - despite indications otherwise, such as Pres Trump cancelling planned visit to UK for dedication of new US Embassy in London. Said project was too expensive.
And when it comes to military matters, Pres Trump said he and PM May are "very much joined at the hip." During photo op, Pres told May there's nothing that could happen that won't find the US at UK's side.
President Trump says he and Theresa May "are on the same wavelength in every respect." That may not help May back home.
Pres Trump declares himself and British PM @theresa may "on the same wavelength in every respect," at meeting in Davos. "We like each other a lot," he says of PM May, disputing what he called "a false rumor" to the contrary.
Trade discussions will lead to tremendous increases in trade between U.S. and UK, Trump says at Davos
"We continue to have a really special relationship" between US and UK, @theresa may tells @POTUS
President Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May shake hands at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
Balkh crisis should be resolved in line with Afghanistan's law: UK3 week ago
Balkh crisis should be resolved in line with Afghanistan's law: UK
West Midlands Police says 13 people have been arrested on suspicion of modern slavery following a series of early morning raids in Handsworth in Birmingham
Davos: UK PM May says Uber got some things wrong along the way but the answer is not to shut Uber down
Prime Minister Theresa May addresses Davos talking about the progress made in Artificial Intelligence over recent years
Theresa May: after we have left the EU, we will develop new bilateral deals with countries across the world
UK Prime Minister Theresa May says that the WTO must go much further in its reforms
Prime Minister @theresa may speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos: As we leave the EU, the UK will continue to be a global advocate of free trade, pushing for progress on WTO discussions and seeking to bring new partners to the table
May: I'm positive we'll be able to get a good arrangement for the future, one that is a comprehensive trade agreement. Reason I believe we'll get that is because its to the benefitof the EU as well as the UK
Theresa May: Outside the EU we'll be able to see opportunities. I want to have a deep and special partnership with the EU continue have good trading relationship but we can also look at what relationships we can have with countries around the rest of the world
Irish PM says wants 'Norway-plus' Brexit deal with UK
3 week ago
UK Michael Gove: we've shown that we've gone further and faster than the EU – that's the ambition that this government has for a truly green
Six arrests and quantities of weapons and drugs recovered during raids this morning targeting gang crime in Newham3 week ago
Six arrests and quantities of weapons and drugs recovered during raids this morning targeting gang crime in Newham
3 week ago
Environment Secretary @michaelgove speaking in the House of Commons: I am confident that the UK has gone further than the EU has requested on everything from banning microplastics, to looking at taxes for single-use plastics to introducing the charge on plastic bags
3 week ago
British Prime Minister Theresa May will visit China from Jan. 31 to Feb. 2, China's Foreign Ministry announced
3 week ago
UK Trade Minister says third countries with EU trade agreements do not object 'in principle' to rolling over FTAs
3 week ago
UK Brexit minister to set out transition aims on Friday: BBC political editor
3 week ago
UK charity suspends operations in Afghanistan
Former British PM Tony Blair on the special relationship between the UK, U.S.