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23 September 2018
Large fire near to @HeathrowAirport. Looks like it's off the airfield but could be an issue if the wind shifts.2 month ago
Large fire near to @HeathrowAirport. Looks like it's off the airfield but could be an issue if the wind shifts.
[email protected]: "Are the UK proposal in the interests of the EU? [] on average 20-40% of value of goods are linked to services - how can we prevent unfair competition if UK only follows EU rules on goods but is free to diverge on services?"
[email protected] on UK customs proposal: "How could the EU delegate the application of EU tariffs to a country that is no longer a member state, that is no longer subject to our rule of governance? Is this legally feasible?"
[email protected]: "Second question - are these white paper proposals workable without any additional complexities or bureaucracies? [] Brexit cannot and will not justify additional bureaucracy."
[email protected]: "The UK says they are willing to align themselves on UK standards for goods - but only for goods checked at borders. Would not align on agrifoods, because adherence here is not checked at the borders [] How could we then protect consumers, which is our duty?"
2 month ago
[email protected]: "What is very positive [in the UK white paper] is the guarantees to defend fundamental rights, and the role to be played by the ECJ as sole arbiter [] this breakthrough means that exchange of data will be made easier."
2 month ago
[email protected]: "A few of the positive elements: 1) proposal for a free trade agreement, which will be at the very heart of our economic relations; 2) commitment to a level playing field; 3) broad convergence on absolute need for cooperate on internal and external security."
[email protected]: "I told the [EU] ministers that there are several elements in this [UK] white paper which do open up the space for a constructive discussion, leading to the political declaration on our future relationship."
[email protected]: "The UK white paper is the result of a very intense internal debate in the UK - a debate that was necessary. And we all see that this debate is not over yet."
EU Brexit negotiator @MichelBarnier: "Our main aim is to continue to work on and conclude the Withdrawal Agreement [] in parallel to this, once we have finalised it, we also need to work with the UK to come up with a joint political declaration on the future relationship."
[email protected]_Bluemel: "It is our aim to reach a deal by October - the outcome is crucial because at the end of the day it is about the future of the people, the businesses and the European borders."
[email protected]_Bluemel: "For all the member states, it is a key issue that the Irish border issue is solved. We still have no substantial backstop on the Irish border [] without a solution we have no deal, and no transition."
[email protected]_Bluemel: "It is absolutely key that we keep up the unity of the [EU]27, and we fully support Michel Barnier and his team, and have asked him to continue negotiations in line with our agreed positions."
[email protected]_Bluemel: "Work must also be accelerated with the view to preparing a political declaration on the framework for the future relationship. And the EU's side on preparedness has to be stepped up."
[email protected]_Bluemel: "We are getting into a serious phase of negotiations. We discussed and we agreed that more efforts are needed so that the Withdrawal Agreement can be concluded as soon as possible."
Austria Europe Minister @Gernot_Bluemel: "We welcome that the UK published a white paper setting out its vision for a future relationship. It shows that also for British side a close relationship is important."
UK PM May says her chief whip made honest mistake
[email protected]_may: The economic and constitutional dislocation of a formal 'third country' customs border within the UK is something I will never accept - it is not something House of Commons would accept either
Prime Minister @theresa_may speaking about the Union and Brexit in Belfast: UK can never accept that a way to prevent a hard border in Ireland would be to create a border in the Irish Sea
[email protected]_may: The White Paper published last week is a proposal that addresses EU's questions, a principled and practical Brexit that respects constitutional integrity of UK and commitments to Ireland and Belfast Agreement
[email protected]_may: White Paper Brexit plan for free trade area for goods will both avoid hard border and protect the Union The UK position has evolved, it is for the EU to respond and to evolve their position in kind
[email protected]_may: The best way to solve Irish border issue remains through the overall UK-EU relationship
[email protected]_may: Both parties remain committed to a backstop within the Withdrawal Agreement but best solution would be for a backstop to be not necessary
[email protected]_may: Government recognises that greater flexibility for financial services post-Brexit will have an impact on access to markets in the EU and that passporting would no longer be available
Ireland could not stop UK flights from crossing its land: PM May's spokeswoman
UK PM May 'committed to including legally operative backstop in the withdrawal agreement, but it must be one that delivers on all the commitments made in the December joint report'
2 month ago
Prime Minister Theresa May has survived a frenzied fortnight of rebellion that threatened to unseat her, but must sell her Brexit plan to voters and the European Union
2 month ago
UK Prime Minister Theresa May says "our job" is not to deal with Brexit in "theory" but to make a success of it in "practice" and that there can never be a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
Royal airforce Вombardier Global Express Sentinel R.1 ZJ691 monitoring Black Sea2 month ago
Royal airforce Вombardier Global Express Sentinel R.1 ZJ691 monitoring Black Sea
British PM May from Belfast says my duty is to serve the whole of the UK
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