Map. History of UK conflict

19 September 2018
Poland considers deporting Russian diplomats after poisoning of Skripal
6 month ago
Cambridge Analytica says its board has suspended CEO Alexander Nix with immediate effect pending an investigation after Channel 4 investigative reports.
6 month ago
The RAF says an engineer has died after a Red Arrows jet crashed following an incident at RAF Valley in Anglesey in Wales
White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, confirms Trump did not raise the Salisbury spy attempted murder with Putin when he spoke to him
6 month ago
Labour Party has announced its new general secretary is Jennie Formby from the trade union 'Unite'
Meanwhile there go the 23 expelled Russian diplomats from Stansted Airport6 month ago
Meanwhile there go the 23 expelled Russian diplomats from Stansted Airport
6 month ago
According to TASS all the foreign ambassadors in Moscow have been invited to a meeting at the Foreign Ministry tomorrow re the Salisbury case
6 month ago
Zakharova: Hypotheses about what substance was used in Salisbury distract from Britain's failure to present facts to Russia in the Skripal case - Interfax.
Russian diplomats are boarding Russian government Il-96 to leave UK6 month ago
Russian diplomats are boarding Russian government Il-96 to leave UK
Picture of crashed Red Arrows hawk at RAF Valley airbase (pic: @steve__francis)6 month ago
Picture of crashed Red Arrows hawk at RAF Valley airbase (pic: @steve__francis)
6 month ago
UK Ministry of Defence says a Red Arrows jet has crashed after an incident at RAF Valley in Anglesey in Wales
6 month ago
The Ministry of Defence says a Red Arrow jet has crashed after an incident at RAF Valley in Anglesey in Wales
6 month ago
Tánaiste @simoncoveney -"nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. We will have to get agreement on the backstop - without that backstop agreement there will be no withdrawal treaty and there will be no transitional agreement which is part of the withdrawal treaty"
6 month ago
Britain's Ministry of Defence withdraws offer to lead EU military after Brexit
6 month ago
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg summoned by UK lawmakers to give evidence regarding the Cambridge Analytica scandal
6 month ago
British MPs ask Facebook's Zuckerberg to give evidence on data row
6 month ago
Gove: It is the view of this govt and the House that we need to make sure that this implementation period succeeds in order to grab the greater prize that is Brexit
6 month ago
Gove: We believe that when we leave the EU, we should leave the Common Fisheries. That is not the position of anyone else in this House
Ireland can rely on us over Brexit Merkel tells Irish PM Leo Varadkar in Berlin ahead of EU Summit6 month ago
"Ireland can rely on us" over Brexit Merkel tells Irish PM Leo Varadkar in Berlin ahead of EU Summit
6 month ago
Gove: The UK share of quotas will not change during implementation period
6 month ago
UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Gove: Our proposal to the EU, we would sit alongside other coastal states as an equal partner we pressed hard to secure this outcome but we are disappointed that the EU wasn't prepared to move
Irish PM Leo Varadkar has said he is seeing steady progress on Brexit negotiations, but more needs to be done in the coming weeks and months
6 month ago
Soviet-era scientist says he helped create poison in UK spy attack row
Irish Data Protection Commissioner says 'following up' with Facebook on oversight of app developers, third parties that utilize their platform
UK business lobby says Brexit deal a victory for pragmatism
6 month ago
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says a sample of the nerve agent used to poison former spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury should be given to Russian officials
6 month ago
23 Russian diplomats deemed by Britain to have been "undeclared intelligence officers" and expelled over Skripal poisoning are on their way back to Moscow. Three buses seen leaving the Russian embassy in London today.
6 month ago
Three buses with diplomatic number plates have left the Russian embassy in London after Prime Minister Theresa May ordered 23 Russian diplomats to leave the UK over the spy poisoning
6 month ago
Moscow awaits Russian diplomats ordered to leave Britain
EU firms scale back presence in UK as Brexit nears - survey
British authorities say they've recovered a car in connection with the novichok nerve toxin attack on a former Russian spy earlier this month.
Bermuda police confirm they have found the body of missing US student Mark Dombroski, no cause of death announced
6 month ago
Britain's data protection authority is seeking a search warrant to search the Cambridge Analytica offices on Tuesday, according to the UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham who told Channel 4 News on Monday. This comes after Channel 4 exposed CA's corruption.
"We are in the process of implementing the biggest reinforcement or collected defence since the end of the cold war," NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg says over the poisoning of a former Russian double agent with a nerve agent
Boris Johnson: Strong support for UK from our @NATO allies in response to Salisbury incident. As @jensstoltenberg said, the Russian state continues to show complete disregard for international rules
Macron calls Putin, doesn't congratulate him on election but wishes Russia and its people "success in political modernisation." Rest of the call on Syria, Ukraine and Salisbury chemical attack.
Kent Police says 21-year-old Mohammed Abdul has been charged with attempted murder after a car was driven into a crowd outside Blake's nightclub in Gravesend on Saturday
[email protected]: We think it's reasonable that the time of the transition should be used to carry out those negotiations with all those partners and at the end of the transition the UK will be able to make the agreements operational
[email protected]: on the day UK leaves in 2019 they're leaving 750 international agreements which we signed as the EU, the work the UK has to do to establish or re-esatblish relations with all those partners that work is a considerable amount of work
EU, UK agree there should be 'backstop' solution on Irish border
[email protected]: Transition agreement covers Gibraltar
Amid Brexit deal talk, EU summons envoys, media
Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer says the agreement could have been signed months ago and says ministers wasted time "pursuing their reckless red lines"
[email protected] confirms transition period will last until December 2020 says it's "near enough the 2 years we asked for"
[email protected]: In keeping with that commitment we agree on the need to include legal text detailing backstop solution that is acceptable to both sides but it remains our intention to achieve a partnership so close as to not require specific measures in relation to NI
[email protected]: On Ireland, both the UK and the EU are committed to the Joint Report in its entirety
[email protected]: We've also agreed specific safeguards when it comes to annual fishing negotiations these will only apply for negotiations in 2019, through 2020 we'll be negotiating fishing opportunities as an independent coastal state
[email protected]: To ensure our Agreement is faithfully and fully implemented we're establishing a joint committee made up of representatives of the UK and the EU and will provide a way to resolve concerns as they arise
[email protected]: As I've said many times the backstop will apply [on island of Ireland] until another solution is found
[email protected]: On Ireland, we must have a workable and practical solution to avoid a hard border and protect North-South coopaeration we agreed on the following: 1) both sides remain commitmed to December's Joint Report in all it's aspects 2) All issues identified in EU text must be addressed, 3) We agreed today that the backstop solution must form part of the legal text of the Withdrawal Agreement
6 month ago
EU Chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier says a draft legal text has "complete accord on citizens' rights and financial settlement"
[email protected]: we may be able to agree, in particular during the transiton period, on a future ambitious partnership in foreign and external security policy
[email protected]: period of transiton will be the period during which we will need to finalise our future relationship, and that will be a short period. So negotations will be intense and demanding on our future relationship
EU Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier says a draft treaty proposes the Brexit transition period after the UK leaves the EU will end on 31 December 2020 and it will go to the summit of EU leaders for approval on Thursday
[email protected] British citizens and EU citizens who arrive during the transiton period will receive the same rights and guarantees as those who arrived before the day of Brexit
[email protected]: transition will be of limited duration, during which UK will no longer participate in EU decision making process because it will no longer be a member but will still preserve the benefits of SM and CU and will therefore will be required to respect all the rules
[email protected]: we were able to this morning agree on a large part of what will make up an international agreement for the orderly withdrawal of the UK
6 month ago
Theresa May's spokesman says the Prime Minister expects Facebook and Cambridge Analytica to co-operate fully with the investigation into claims personal data was harvested
6 month ago
Theresa May's spokesman says the Prime Minister regards allegations against Cambridge Analytica over harvesting Facebook data as very concerning and people should have confidence personal data is protected
EU ministers condemn poisoning of Russian double agent in the UK and call on Russia to "address urgently" British questions over its Novichok nerve agent programme
6 month ago
UK will consider further action against Russia over Salisbury spy attack, says David Lidington
EU to listen to Britain's Johnson over nerve agent: Mogherini
A team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is visiting the site of the attack on the former Russian spy in Britain
The European Council says the EU offers "unqualified solidarity" to the UK and has called on Russia to "address urgently the questions raised by the UK and the international community" following the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury
6 month ago
A Kremlin spokesman says allegations of Russian involvement in the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal are "slanderous, groundless and difficult to explain" and says the UK will have to provide evidence sooner or later or apologise
6 month ago
Kremlin spokesman calls Britain's allegations in Skripal case slanderous, groundless and difficult to explain
6 month ago
Russian denials of British attack 'increasingly absurd': Johnson
6 month ago
UK government should extend Article 50 if more time is needed, says Brexit select committee
EU convenes urgent Brexit meeting amid deal talk: sources
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