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24 September 2018
[email protected]: I don't see any need for changes in today's text. There was compromise. We'll see how things develop
[email protected]: my objective now is to get this deal concluded
[email protected]: Brexit is difficult. Our job is to manage Irish Government's perspective. It is not our job to comment on relationships with British Government
[email protected]: This was a structured negotiation. It is our role to ensure we could agree a text in relation to the Irish people
[email protected]: @theresa_may has asked for more time and we are happy to allow that
[email protected]: We had a deal today that would provide reassurance on the border and we want to ensure it remains intact
[email protected]: We have no hidden agenda here only the best interests of people in Ireland North and South Brexit
Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar says Ireland agreed on a border deal earlier in the day and he is surprised and disappointed with the UK Government that the agreement could not be secured
[email protected]: I am surprised and disappointed British government cannot proceed with what was agreed earlier today. We want to proceed to phase 2 but cannot do so without a firm commitment that there will be no hard border in Ireland
[email protected]: A hard border has been to the forefront of our concerns since Brexit began
European Council President Donald Tusk says the time for a Brexit agreement is getting tight but a deal next week is still possible
Tusk: Met with PM @theresa_may. I was ready to present draft EU27 guidelines tomorrow for Brexit talks on transition and future. But UK and Commission asked for more time. It is now getting very tight but agreement at December EUCO is still possible
UK agrees to 'regulatory alignment' on both sides of Irish border
No agreement has been reached between the EU and UK in Brexit talks today, says EU Commission President @JunckerEU
President @JunckerEU says @theresa_may is a "tough negotiator" and is defending the UK's position with "all the energy we know she has."
May: It's clear crucially that we want to move forward together, but on a couple of issues some differences do remain which require further negotiations and consultationwe will reconvene before end of week
Juncker: We stand ready to resume negotiations with UK this weekI'm still confident we can reach sufficent progress by next EUCO
Juncker: Despite our best efforts and significant progress it was not possible to reach a complete agreement today
Juncker: we've had a friendly and constuctive meeting today, always a pleasure to meet May and I have to say she's a tough negotiator
9 month ago
Huge ramifications for London if Theresa May has conceded that it's possible for part of the UK to remain within the single market and customs union after Brexit. Londoners overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU and a similar deal here could protect tens of thousands of jobs – @MayorofLondon
9 month ago
Downing Street Chief of Staff Gavin Barwell will address MPs at 4pm on Brexit negotiation updates
DUP leader Arlene Foster says her party will "not accept any form of regulatory divergence" in Ireland after Brexit and the Irish government is "clearly seeking to unilaterally change the Belfast agreement"
Arlene Foster says Northern Ireland must leave the EU on the same terms as the rest of the UK.
Taoiseach @campaignforleo, Tánaiste @simoncoveney and Minister @HMcEntee will be making a significant statement at Government Buildings shortly re Phase 1 of the Brexit negotiations
If one part of UK can retain regulatory alignment with EU and effectively stay in the single market (which is the right solution for Northern Ireland) there is surely no good practical reason why others can't: @NicolaSturgeon
Ireland foreign minister says border will look the same as it does now after Brexit
Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney says the UK and EU are very close to agreeing a deal on the Irish border and the border will look like it looks today after Brexit
[email protected]: We hope to see a balanced wording that protects Irish interests as a whole. That has always been and continues to be our objective
[email protected]: At no point in future, can we see a re-emergence of a hard border in Ireland. I hope we are in a place this evening where we have reassurance for Irish and British people
[email protected]: I suspect the border will look much like what it looks today. We have lanuguage now that gives us the safeguards we need and reassurance that hard border will not re-emerge
[email protected]: We want an absolute guarantee that no hard border will return to this island and we are very close to final agreement. We are in a much better place now than we have been in Brexit negotiations at any point to date
[email protected] :Border is one issue. We need clear language that protects GFA and the principle of consent and integrity of single market
[email protected]: There has been good progress made this morning regarding accomodation between Irish concerns and British position
Watch UK PM Theresa May arrive in Brussels for a meeting with EU Chief @JunckerEU on the progress of Brexit talks
9 month ago
British and EU negotiators have reached agreement on Brexit deal for all Irish issues - Irish government sources
Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar says he will make a statement on Brexit negotiations later today
9 month ago
The UK Government is confident the DUP will support a deal on a post-Brexit Irish border by the end of the day – media
Belgian Green MEP Philippe Lamberts, who has seen the draft text of a Brexit deal, tells @faisalislam "I would put my money on it [a deal today]". Says he thinks emerging UK-EU deal means "a special situation for Ireland and for Northern Ireland"
Arlene Foster: The DUP will not countenance a new border in the Irish Sea
9 month ago
The UK and Ireland have reached a compromise in Brexit talks
Journos waiting for @Theresa_May's arrival
9 month ago
Key meeting for UK Prime Minister Theresa May as Brexit talks enter decisive phase
We will not change our red lines. The lives of millions of families are at stake. If no clear commitment is made, the @EPPGroup will not be ready to assess the progress made as sufficient to enter a 2nd phase of negotiations tweets @ManfredWeber on Brexit
In Brexit negotiations, money is one of the problems, but it is not the biggest one. We are much more concerned about the fact that negotiations are stalled on the protection of EU citizens' rights and on the Irish case tweets @ManfredWeber
An EU source has told there has been no breakthrough in the overnight talks between British, European Commission and Irish officials on the Irish border issue post Brexit. It now looks unlikely the Irish cabinet will have a text to approve when it meets in Dublin at 9am
9 month ago
British MI6 has elevated Russia to "tier one" threat status. The head of MI6 has told NATO its response to Russian interference in Europe and the West needs to get sharper
Police chopper and cars in Aylesford looking out for something
9 month ago
U.K. treasury plans legislation to regulate Bitcoin: Telegraph
UK: Photo, Anti-semitic graffiti found spray-painted on path between Kensal Green and Wormwood Scrubs in London, no arrests9 month ago
UK: Photo, Anti-semitic graffiti found spray-painted on path between Kensal Green and Wormwood Scrubs in London, no arrests
9 month ago
Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Simon Coveney "let's not run before we can walk" after being asked if agreed written assurances about the Irish border after Brexit would be ready by tomorrow
9 month ago
Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Simon Coveney says the hope is that meetings on Monday will result in momentum to allow talks on the UK's exit from the European Union to move on to the second phase of negotiations
Juncker to meet MEPs before PM May as Brexit deal takes shape
@johnmcdonnellMP: Brexit is dominating the govt agenda. I wonder whether the Budget was the last straw
9 month ago
Coveney: We aren't looking for full detail of the border in phase one of the negotiations our preference has always been to see a solution that solves the border issue that involves all of the UK acting as one
9 month ago
Coveney: I have been careful to try and avoid a green and orange debate on the border. We want to protect the status quo
9 month ago
Coveney: We're not at risk of a general election right now. We did have a difficult political weak there is no Sinn Fein influence on the govt
9 month ago
Coveney: Instead of the border dividing people like it has in the past, it brings people together now
9 month ago
Coveney: As an island, Ireland is potentially exposed to a bad outcome from Brexit
9 month ago
Coveney: There is no desire in Ireland to delay this process but we have a responsibilty as a govt to represent the interests of the island of Ireland
9 month ago
Rees-Mogg: Inevitably politicians meet other politicians and that does not mean that endorse or agree with everything they say
9 month ago
Rees-Mogg: You have to say to the Irish govt will you take that political choice to have a border when the UK will not
9 month ago
Rees-Mogg: NI is as much a part of the UK as Somerset is I support the DUP thoroughly in any attempts to take NI out of the UK
9 month ago
Rees-Mogg: The poorest areas of the country voted to leave. We need to give the benefits of leaving to these areas
9 month ago
Rees-Mogg: If we remain under the ECJ and we are making large payments to the EU budget, there's no difference between 29th March and 30th March
9 month ago
Rees-Mogg: It's very important we don't hand over a great deal of money unless we have an agreement
9 month ago
Milburn: The issue is not about the words, it's easy to talk the words of social justice and healing social division we'll have 20 years of real earnings being frozen
9 month ago
Milburn: This govt is focused on Brexit and lacks the bandwith to heal social mobility
9 month ago
Farage: I believe I've done more than anyone in this country for dealing with the rise of the far right. I've taken those people from voting BN
9 month ago
Hazarika: As Jo Cox lay there dying, the scumbag who executed her shouted out the words "Britain First"
9 month ago
Farage: He wouldn't have an earthly clue who Britain First is of course he's clever he's POTUS
9 month ago
Farage: There's a feeli ng that we're probably under Theresa May, in March 2019, we're leaving the EU in name but not in practice
9 month ago
Farage: The govt was elected as a pro Brexit govt but they find themselves moving away from mainstream eurosceptic opinion in this country
9 month ago
Hazarika: Sure start was a very important measure and it's been cut by this govt
9 month ago
Farage: Every govt talks about social mobility, none of them have achieved anything for decades and decades. May was one of the few people in govt who truly believed grammar schools would close the gaps what i'm surprised is that she's given up on that
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