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19 September 2018
6 month ago
An EU source says the meeting between Prime Minister Theresa May and European Council president Donald Tusk in Downing Street was "an open and honest debate in a good atmosphere"
6 month ago
We do not accept the Shi'ite brand of Islam supported by London or the Sunni form of Islam backed by America and Israel; because Islam is against kufr, cruelty, and hegemony.
EU's negotiator says Britain can only get a free-trade deal
EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier says the UK is closing the door on Brexit solutions and the only option left is a free trade agreement
Tusk: Meeting with PM @theresa_may in London before I next week will present draft EU27 guidelines for our future relationship6 month ago
Tusk: Meeting with PM @theresa_may in London before I next week will present draft EU27 guidelines for our future relationship
Swiss weather model predicts more than 4 FEET of SNOW for Ireland near Dublin until Saturday
[email protected] says no one should be on the roads after 4pm today
6 month ago
UK's May to make "real step forward" in EU talks with Friday speech
Dublin Bus has said it will not be operating services tomorrow
Minister for Transport Shane Ross says people are being urged to be home by 4pm before StormEmma hits Ireland
6 month ago
MI5 has reduced the threat level to Great Britain from Northern Ireland-related terrorism from 'substantial' to 'moderate' which means that an attack is possible but not likely
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, will make first-ever official royal visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories this summer
6 month ago
Boris Johnson: Irish border issue is being used to keep UK in customs union and single market
Tusk 'absolutely sure' that draft Brexit treaty will be accepted by EU 27
Tusk: Until no one has come up with anything wiser than that. In a few hours I will be asking in London if the UK has any better idea to prevent a hard border
@eucopresident Tusk: the EU wants to prevent a hard border, so if there is no other solution, we have the proposal to establish a common regulatory area on the island of Ireland
Tusk: UK red lines will determine shape of our future relationship. Next week I will present draft guidelines on this. Let's be clear: there can be no frictionless trade outside the customs union and Single Market. Friction is an inevitable side effect of Brexit. By nature
Tusk: I am absolutely sure that all essential elements of the draft will be accepted by all...Barnier has the full support of both EU institutions and member states
Tusk: One possible consequence of UK Brexit red lines is a hard border on the island of Ireland. EU27 wants to prevent this, hence the proposal to "establish a common regulatory area" – if no other solution found. Today in London I will ask if the UK government has a better idea
Police investigating fatal explosion in Leicester on Sunday arrest three men on suspicion of manslaughter
Speaking at the National Emergency Coordination Group, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says people should only call on the emergency services in genuine emergencies during the storm
A rare winter tornado in Brixham, SW England today, Feb 28th. Notice the snow covering the ground. Video by John Thomas6 month ago
A rare winter tornado in Brixham, SW England today, Feb 28th. Notice the snow covering the ground. Video by John Thomas
6 month ago
Irish Minister for Transport Shane Ross has said there will be "controlled disruption" to public transport tomorrow but it will be back as soon as is safe.
@campaignforleo about the worsening weather conditions: You may have faced inconvenience and disruption today. Tomorrow, if you are in Munster and Leinster, you will face extremely hazardous conditions. Please heed the warnings
Government departments and agencies that do not provide essential services will close tomorrow and Friday, Taoiseach says in National Emergency Coordination Group update
US President @realDonaldTrump has proclaimed March 2018 as Irish-American Heritage Month
6 month ago
May warns UK will 'never' allow EU to 'undermine' its integrity
6 month ago
All schools including primary, post primary and third level institutions will close in Leinster and Munster tomorrow and Friday
6 month ago
Theresa May: (draft legal text published by the Commission) it would undermine the UK common market and threaten the constitutional integrity of the UK by creating a customs and regulatory border down the Irish Sea, no UK Prime Minister could ever agree to it
6 month ago
Theresa May: this government is absolutely committed to the Belfast Agreement, we made sure that that commitment was included in the joint report that we agreed with the EU in December
6 month ago
PM May: (Irish border) we are absolutely committed to ensuring that we deliver on no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, that's the position of the UK government, of the parties in Northern Ireland, of the Irish government, and it's what we agreed in December
6 month ago
Theresa May: (immigration) The latest immigration figures show we still see more people coming into the UK from the EU than leaving, (NHS) we have set the highest levels of training for nurses and GPs from both the UK and the EU
6 month ago
PM May: (managed divergence) I'll be making a speech on this later this week, we want to ensure that across a variety of sectors – goods and services – that we get the deal that ensures we are able to see trade going across borders, and that we have no hard border in Ireland
[email protected]: Paragraph 50 relates to the responsibility of the UK, it's not something the EU would interfere with
[email protected]: We have responsibility. We have to propose a backstop solution. We can work on all three options as soon as we have all the elements, but we will work on our element
6 month ago
PM May: My priorities are the priorities of the British people. Yes we are going to get Brexit right, but we're also building homes and raising standards in our schools, we're protecting the environment
[email protected]: I don't bluff anyone. It would be illusory to think on the EU we accept cherry-picking
6 month ago
PM May: Johnson and I are absolutely committed to have no hard border in Northern Ireland
6 month ago
Theresa May: the Federation of Small Businesses has recently said it sees the potential wins of an independent UK global trade policy, keeping easy trade with the EU, and the ability to export to new growth areas - all Conservative policies
[email protected]: I've met Mr Corbyn on three occasionsI won't comment on these specific proposals [on a customs union]. We negotiate with the UK government
6 month ago
Theresa May: we will bring back control of our laws, borders and money, that's in direct contrast with the Labour Party's position who want to be in a customs union, have free movement and pay whatever it takes to the EU, that would mean giving away control
6 month ago
PM May: One business group say that they want to focus on a good trade deal with the EU and trade with other countries around the world
Barnier: I've had a mandate from the European Council, don't start imaging that there will be divergences between the members of the EU and negotiator that won't happenthere will never be a differencebecause I am their negotiator
6 month ago
Prime Minister @theresa_may speakingat PMQs: we want to have good trade relations with the EU, but we want to be able to negotiate trade deals with the rest of the world, the Labour leader's plan for a new customs union would make that impossible
6 month ago
PM May: It's very simple. We want to deliver on the vote of the British people that will bring back control of our laws, our borders and our people. That's in direct contrast to the Labour Party who want to stay in a Customs Union and give away control
On the NorthernIreland question Michel Barnier states that the daily life around the border should continue as today while they applied "imagination and creativity" to keep the Good-Friday-agreement
6 month ago
PM May: There are many people caring for parents and all too often going unseen and unheard. What we are trying to do is to see this and provide support
Barnier: nobody should underestimate the human, social, legal, economic and financial consequences of these negotiations, we have 43 years of relations between the UK and EU that have to be unravelled
Barnier: I'm not trying to provoke. It was the UK which decided unilaterally to leave the UK on the basis of the referendum, it unilaterally initiated these negotiations to leave at the end of March. We're 13 months - 13 months! - off that date
[email protected]: I would not talk of a frontier [on the Irish Sea] with various technological means we talk of, as in Option B, if the backstop had to be used There may be controls in ports and airports, but I would not refer to a border
Northern Ireland could stay in EU customs union post-Brexit: Barnier
6 month ago
UK Prime Minister Theresa May takes questions in Parliament
Barnier says the EU believes a European top court should govern all aspects of Britain's exit from EU
Barnier: We have agreed with the British side that we will meet for the whole of next week for a new negotiating round
Barnier to meet Michelle O'Neill and Arlene Foster early next week
[email protected]: daily life around the border should continue as today. Already today Northen Ireland has rules in place that are different from the UK. We stand by our commitment to discuss all three options in parallel
Brexit talks must 'pick up pace' to succeed: EU's Barnier
[email protected]: backstop (Option C) is the only way to guarantee that the joint commitments will be upheld in all circumstances
Barnier: our draft text ensures that 1) citizens' rights will be protected as agreed, 2) all financial commitment undertaken at 28 will be respected by the UK and the EU, 3) island of Ireland will be protected and a hard border will be avoided
[email protected] "Nothing in here will be a surpirse for those who have followed the negotiations"
Barnier: this draft text contains no surprise for our British partners it expresses in legal terms commitments jointly entered by the UK and the EU in December
[email protected]: This is a draft and we will only officially place it on the negotiating table once the work with the EP and 27 member states has been concluded
EU have published the Draft Withdrawal Agreement
Cars abandoned at High Road, Cobh
6 month ago
UK retailer Maplin goes into administration after failing to find a buyer - CEO
6 month ago
A judge at the Old Bailey has increased convicted terrorist Munir Mohammed's jail sentence for plotting a bomb or ricin attack to a minimum of 21 years from 14 years
Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley says she stands "resolutely" behind December's EU-Britain border agreement
6 month ago
Houses shake as earthquake with magnitude 3.2 strikes Cumbria, UK
Irish PM has said it is up to Britain to bring proposals to the table if it does not wish to trigger a backstop agreement that would fully align Northern Ireland with the rules of the EU to avoid a hard border
6 month ago
Britain's Johnson says Northern Irish border issue being used to frustrate Brexit
Snow in @DublinAirport6 month ago
Snow in @DublinAirport
Met Éireann has issued a red weather alert in Ireland covering Dublin, Kildare, Louth, Wicklow and Meath following heavy snowfall
All secondary schools in Kildare and Laois are closed for the day due to snow storm
During his visit to Ukraine Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier @chiefofairstaff paid tribute to the Ukrainians who died in eastern Ukraine, defending their country6 month ago
During his visit to Ukraine Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier @chiefofairstaff paid tribute to the Ukrainians who died in eastern Ukraine, defending their country
6 month ago
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson promises to release 'very positive' Northern Ireland border letter
Irish Meteorological Service Online has said up to 16cm of snow has fallen in some parts of the east overnight
Meath County Council at work in Dunboyne, Co Meath this morning
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