Map. History of UK conflict

23 February 2018


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YPG/PKK protest in London in support of Afrin5 hour ago
YPG/PKK protest in London in support of Afrin
4th British tourist, identified as a man on his honeymoon, dies after helicopter crash at the Grand Canyon in Arizona; his wife remains in critical condition
UK UN envoy: Shelling by the government on Eastern Ghouta is a violation of international law and a war crime
EU rejects three-pronged British approach to new ties after Brexit
11 hour ago
Stobart in talks about potential deal with airline Flybe: source
11 hour ago
Munir Mohammed has been sentenced to life with a minimum of 14 years and Rowaida El-Hassan has been sentenced to 12 years in jail with five more years on extended licence after the couple were convicted of plotting a ISIS terror attack in UK
HMS Mersey has spent the last 72 hours tracking a Russian spy ship task group as it sailed past the UK @HMS_Mersey
HMS Mersey shadowing Russia spy ship through Channel
15 hour ago
British bank RBS hires 'digital human' Cora on probation
16 hour ago
The Government and charity Cancer Research UK have announced funding totalling £45m will be made available for brain cancer research which is a doubling of the amount previously pledged by ministers
16 hour ago
[email protected]: British government does not have a solution for the stalemate in Ireland
16 hour ago
Spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May says government position is clear that it will be able to agree and sign trade deals during Brexit transition phase
16 hour ago
[email protected] : I want EU to protect our citizens. Everyone on island of Ireland is a European citizen
Downing Street says Theresa May is "absolutely committed" to supporting people affected by the Grenfell Tower fire after grime artist Stormzy criticised the Prime Minister at the BRIT Awards by asking "where's the money for Grenfell?"
16 hour ago
[email protected] : I would like to see referendum on united Ireland within the next decade
17 hour ago
[email protected], Gerry Adam's successor after meeting @theresa_may in london: we want re-unification of Northern Ireland and Republic. One obvious option for solving the problem of Brexit
19 hour ago
After far right @afd parliamentary party leader @Alice_Weidel tells Merkel to „stop threatening Britain" over Brexit and accuses her of „only spending other people's money" on EU: applause sure sign of who is AfD. All other MPs silent.
Jacob Rees-Mogg: UK must not be a vassal state during transition period
Welcoming ceremony for @PresidentIRL at the Presidential Mansion of H.E. Prokopios Pavlopoulos, President of Greece in Athens20 hour ago
Welcoming ceremony for @PresidentIRL at the Presidential Mansion of H.E. Prokopios Pavlopoulos, President of Greece in Athens
Britain makes a 'considerable offer' to return devolved powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland after Brexit20 hour ago
Britain makes a 'considerable offer' to return devolved powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland after Brexit
UK govt does not want to be able to veto EU laws during transition but wants to make the consultation more automatic in certain areas
Theresa May: (leaving single market impact on agriculture) the interests of agriculture will be one of the considerations we take into account when we make sure we're still able to have a good trade arrangement with the EU and the rest of the world
Theresa May: (Brexit impact on supply of cancer treatments) we are pursuing an economic partnership which sees freedom of trade across borders with the EU, the availability of medical radio isotopes will not be impacted from our exit from Euratom
Theresa May: (EU citizens securing settled status post- Brexit) EU citizens in the UK have made a huge contribution to the country, we want them and their families to stay, I'm absolutely clear that EU citizens living lawfully in the UK today will be able to stay
Theresa May: I set out in my speech in Munich last week exactly what we want the security partnership to cover, we are unconditionally committed to the security of Europe
Theresa May: The government published papers last summer which showed how we can avoid a hard border in Ireland, and deliver a bespoke economic partnership with the EU
Theresa May: post-Brexit, we want a "bespoke economic partnership"
May: We want to ensure that we can negotiate free trade deals around the world, we want to ensure that we have a good trade agreement with the EU, we want a good security partnership with the EU, we want to ensure we take the opportunities open to us outside the EU
Prime Minister @theresa_may speaking in the House of Commons: (responding to Brexit Secretary's comments yesterday) We're very clear that when we leave the EU, we're going to be able to take back control of our borders, our money and our laws
PM May: We'll get a good trade deal. On the subject of workers rights, we will defend them. We took actions on zero hours contracts, we've got Matthew Taylor to look into the gig economy. We put workers on boards