Westminster involvement in Northern Ireland governance 'inevitable'

Map. History of UK conflict

18 February 2018
Home Secretary @AmberRuddHR joins officers at Stratford today, as they work together with @BTP and @TFL as part the ongoing stop knife crime initiative
The Irish government have published their Brexit impact report on the Irish economy, conducted by Copenhagen Economics
Ireland, Britain to seek to re-establish Northern Ireland talks
Westminster involvement in Northern Ireland governance 'inevitable'
The UK Government judges that the Russian Government, specifically the Russian military, was responsible for the destructive NotPetya cyber-attack of June 2017. The attack showed a continued disregard for Ukrainian sovereignty
The UK Government judges that the Russian Government, specifically the Russian military, was responsible for the destructive NotPetya cyber-attack of June 2017. The attack showed a continued disregard for Ukrainian sovereignty
U.K. blames Russia for cyber attack, says won't tolerate disruption
Prime Minister Theresa May says "my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Florida and the whole of the United States" after 17 people were killed in a shooting at a school in Parkland in Florida
Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley says the Government still thinks devolved government is the best way forward in Stormont
Sinn Fein Stormont leader Michelle O'Neill says the DUP has collapsed the power-sharing talks in Northern Ireland
Chinese Foreign Ministry statement on British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson's announcement in Australia that HMS Sutherland will transit the SouthChinaSea en route back to the UK.
DUP leader Arlene Foster has announced that there is "no prospect" of a return to devolved government at Stormont
North Ireland's Adams loses attempt to overturn jailbreak conviction
UK's Johnson keeps hard Brexit stance in speech aimed at mending fences
Juncker responds to BoJo comments says: some in British political society are against the truth pretending that I'm a stupid stubborn federalist that I'm in favour of a European superstate. I am against this EU can't be built against European nations this is total nonsens
Man dies after vehicles collide at London's Heathrow Airport
Johnson: Brexit is not just a great liberal project but a project in time which can in time unite this country. So let's do it with confidence together
Johnson: I say to my remaining remainer friends (actually quite a numerous bunch) More peole have voted for Brexit than anything in the history of this country. If we had a 2nd ref, there would be a year of feuding in which the whole country would be the loser
Johnson: The crucial thing is, when we are running ourselves, we will no longer be able to blame Brussels for our woes. No one should think that Brexit is an economic panacea The success of Brexit depends on what we make of it
Scotland Yard says a man aged in his 40s has died after two airport vehicles crashed on the airfield at Heathrow
Johnson: The cost of EU regulation is about 4% of GDP it's only by taking back control of our laws, UK firms will have the freedom to innovate
Johnson: To those who worry about coming out of the customs union and single market in the past few years, there have been many countries who have seen economic growth who export to the EU
Johnson: It's striking since the Brexit vote, the fortunes of UKIP have gone into a long deserved eclipse. I feel like people are being heard in their idea of self control
Johnson: We will be able to take back control of our borders. Not because I am hostile to immigration. We need people to work
Johnson: We would be mad to go through this process of extrication from the EU and not take advantage of what it brings
Johnson: We in the UK have not really felt part of such a demos
Johnson: Eurotunnel is calling on both sides for another link I say this to signal the attitudes that should inform Brexit. It's not about shutting us off, it's about going global
Johnson: For all those who want to make Britain less insular, the answer is not to submit for ever to the EU legal order
Johnson: In 2016, British people made 71m trips abroad every year this expansion of UK tourism will continue. We will continue to go on stag parties to ancient cities where we will of course receive a warm welcome
Johnson: Let's next tackle the suggestion that we might become more insular There are more British people living in Australia than in the EU. There's more than 1m who go to Thailand every year
Johnson: It makes sense for us to continue to be intimately involved in EU foreign and security policy We will continue to be Europeans both practically and psychologically
Johnson: To all those who worry about our strategic position Our commitment to the defence of Europe is unconditional and immovable. It is made real This country is the biggest spender in the EU both on aid and on defence
Johnson: All I am saying is that by going for Brexit, we can gratify the sentiments and more
Johnson: For all their power and influence, every major political party, Obama and so on, their voices did not prevail. But is this time for referendum voters to sit back and gloat?
Johnson: I run the risk of causing further irritation but I must run that risk We cannot expect the case to make itself
Johnson: Whatever the superficial attractions of these points, they can be turned on their heads. Brexit need not be nationalist but internationalist
Johnson: The economic fear that we have voted to make ourselves less prosperous People fear the disruption they associate with change and that our friends and partners in the EU might make life difficult for us
Johnson: People believe we have thrown up a figurative drawnbridge and decided to sacrifice the Europeanness in our identity
Johnson: I come across a lot of people who think Brexit has cast us adrift
Johnson: If we are to carry this project through to national success then we must reach out to those who have anxieties These fears can be allayed
Johnson: Some of the fears about Brexit do not materialise. I fear that some people are determined to stop Brexit