Taoiseach says he has not spoken directly with DUP leader Arlene Foster as the negotiations were primarily between European Union and British negotiating teams

Map. History of UK conflict

19 September 2018
Taoiseach says after today's Brexit deal, he believes the next stage in negotiations is leading UK towards alignment with the EU
Going forward, the UK has "got to understand that they are leaving something that we have all built, and there will be a price for that," Irish @FineGael MEP @brianhayesMEP tells
9 month ago
Britain to pay £35-39bn in Brexit divorce deal: Downing Street
9 month ago
Jeremy Corbyn says the Brexit deal agreed this morning "could have all been done 18 months ago," adds that he wants tariff-free trade relationship with EU after Brexit
Guy Verhofstadt: the European Parliament's resolution will also outline "a first framework of how the future relationship with the UK will be" and the EP's opinion on the transition Brexit
The European Parliament's Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt: "our recommendation to the European Council is now to go to phase two of the negotiations" - but the EP's resolution next week will outline five issues that need to be tackled before the UK's orderly withdrawal
26-year-old Mohammed Abdallah who was linked to the Manchester Arena bomber has been jailed for 10 years after being found guilty of being a member of Islamic State
Simon Coveney: The UK's commitment not to introduce new regulatory barriers after Brexit is something that the Irish government welcomes, and is something we hope will reassure Unionists
Simon Coveney: there is now a default/backstop position which ensures that an all-island economy can function, that north-south cooperation continues to function and that the Good Friday Agreement can continue to be implemented
Simon Coveney: We have an absolute guarantee from the British government that the re-emergence of a border in Ireland as an unintended consequence of Brexit will not happen
Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney: I think the final Brexit agreement is a good one, certainly from an Irish perspective
9 month ago
Leave.EU campaign co-founder Arron Banks says Prime Minister Theresa May "has betrayed the country and the 17.4 million Leave voters"
Leaked EU doc obtained by BuzzFeed: Britain will remain in customs union and single market for two years after Brexit officially happens.
EU to work on Canada-style free trade agreement for Britain: Barnier
Northern Ireland will maintain fully aligned with the EU internal market and customs Union unless another solution is found clarifies – Barnier at press conference
Barnier: if all goes well in October 2018 we should have agreed on an Art 50 treaty organising orderly withdrawal which will also cover agreement on transitional period, and alongside that treaty there will be a political statement on the part of EU 27 regarding future relationship
Barnier: British government is indiciating red lines that closes certain doors and leaves EU-Canada deal as a model [as future relationship], can't say what exact content would be we
The UK will establish a new authority that is going to ensure the implementation of the withdrawalagreement and will give direct assistance to the citiziens says Barnier citizensrights
9 month ago
"This agreement is a significant political achievement for the Prime Minister," says Environment Secretary @michaelgove on the UK's Brexit draft agreement with the EU
"We didn't insist on them paying the mover bill for EU agencies leaving London", says chief negotiator Barnier
Michel Barnier: I didn't go into these negotiations with the idea of who was going to make concessions
Mary Lou McDonald expresses concerns about the customs union and single market
Taoiseach says Brexit is a British policy that the Irish Government never wanted to happen, and so it is in our interest that the Brexit that does happen is as soft as possible
Leo Varadkar says border agreement is "politically bullet proof" and provides cast iron guarantees
Taoiseach says he has not spoken directly with DUP leader Arlene Foster as the negotiations were primarily between European Union and British negotiating teams
We have achieved all that we set out to achieve in phase one - @campaignforleo
"Without any doubt our future lies in the European Union," Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says at conclusion of statement on this morning's Brexit deal
Taoiseach offers assurances to Irish citizens in Northern Ireland. "You will never again be left behind by an Irish government."
Taoiseach also seeks to reassure "the nationalist people of Northern Ireland" that their birthright as Irish citizens will not be effected by Brexit deal
'The Good Friday Agreement in all of its parts, has been protected' says Leo Varadkar, Irish Prime Minister on Brexit deal
We've reached a satisfactory conclusion on the issues related to Ireland: @campaignforleo
"I want in particular to recognise the unionist community in Northern Ireland and assure you the Irish Government has no hidden agenda," Taoiseach says
'Today is a very significant day we have reached a satisfactory conclusion' says Leo Varadkar, Irish Prime Minister following progress in Brexit negotiations
We have achieved all that we set out to achieve in phase one of Brexit talks, Taoiseach @campaignforleo says
During transition Britain will no longer participate in EU institutions or have a vote - EU draft guidelines
EU draft guidelines for next Brexit negotiations phase envisage transition period of around 2 years
"I believe that we have now made the breakthrough that we needed," European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker says as he announces that Brexit talks will enter the second phase
9 month ago
Brexit campaigner Farage says UK set for 'next stage of humiliation'
"We want to begin discussions with the UK in order to explore the British vision of its future relationship with the EU," says @eucopresident as he outlines areas such as trade, security and foreign policy
Crucial guarantees for Ireland: No hard border with Northern Ireland after Brexit but also no details given how that can work
European Council president Donald Tusk says the UK must respect all EU law including new law during the Brexit transition period but it will not participate in EU decisions
European Council president Donald Tusk says the first item to be discussed in the second phase of Brexit talks will be the transition period
Brexit agreement text says the UK will maintain "full alignment" with rules of the EU single market and customs union which support cross-border co-operation and create "no new regulatory barriers"
May: At next week's summit, I hope and expect to get the endorsement of the 27 to what is a hard won agreement in all our interests
[email protected]_may: Reaching this agreement now means that businesses will be able to make investment decisions based on an implementation period that offers welcome certainty
Juncker: It is important for both of us that we continue working together on trade, research and security
Juncker: The UK has made significant commitments on the avoidance of a hard Irish border after it's withdrawal from the EU
European Commission says 'sufficient progress' has been made in Brexit talks
[email protected] on Brexit: I believe we have now made the breakthrough we needed
British PM Theresa May meets European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels for crunch talks to seal a deal on Brexit divorce terms
Arts Minister John Glen has announced Coventry will be the next UK City of Culture in 2021
Ireland and Britain are 'very close' and seemingly a matter of hours away from a Brexit deal - Irish official
9 month ago
The new UK Defence Secretary has been left isolated after calling for British jihadists to be hunted down and killed
Irish hard border would be 'obvious terror target'
London Mayor Sadiq Khan meets young Pakistanis at an event in the city of Lahore9 month ago
London Mayor Sadiq Khan meets young Pakistanis at an event in the city of Lahore
EU's Tusk to make Brexit statement on Friday at 0650 GMT
Northern Ireland's DUP says talks with UK government continuing
Tusk announcing press conference for early Friday on Brexit. But commission negotiators will surely say something tonight if breakthrough. Good possibility that Theresa May will show up in European capital tonight
9 month ago
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in Iran trip
Talks over Brexit divorce bill make progress - EU's Oettinger
Today, Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini, Aga Khan IV, arrived at Benazir Bhutto International Air Port (BBIAP) - Islamabad/Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Base Nur Khan, Chaklala, Rawalpindi, aboard Bombardier Global Express for an official visit to Pakistan
9 month ago
British Foreign Secretary Johnson expected to travel to Iran this weekend
9 month ago
'Trump doesn't understand the offence he is causing,' London mayor responds to Jerusalem decision
9 month ago
UEFA say Wembley Stadium will host four Euro 2020 matches originally set to be staged in Brussels
9 month ago
26-year-old Mohammed Abdallah has been found guilty by UK court of being a member of Islamic State, of being in possession of £2,000 for terrorism purposes and of being in possession of a weapon after he was identified in official I.S. documents obtained
9 month ago
Whole of the UK needs to take back control of borders and cash from EU, Johnson says
9 month ago
UK: Vijay Mallya arrives at London's Westminster court for hearing in extradition case
9 month ago
Report into Croydon tram crash in which seven people were killed and 69 others injured on 9 November last year says driver failed to apply brakes in time to negotiate a sharp bend and concludes driver may have lost awareness or had a "microsleep" due to fatigue
9 month ago
British Foreign Minister said London should stay alert to the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood
'No white smoke' in Brexit talks: EU commission
9 month ago
Momentum spokesperson says "much of the UK Electoral Commission investigation refers to administrative errors that can be easily rectified" and the group "will fully comply with the investigation going forward"
9 month ago
The UK Electoral Commission has opened an investigation into whether the Jeremy Corbyn-backing Momentum movement breached campaign finance rules at this year's general election
9 month ago
UK Home Office figures show a total of 400 people were held for terror-related offences in Britain in the year to the end of September
9 month ago
Confederation of British Industry chief: We need progress next week, or businesses will activate contingency plans by Easter
9 month ago
Britain will not sign up to a bad Brexit deal, transport minister says
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